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Screening historic windows in Boston


This beautiful historic home in Boston, MA was left to deteriorate for decades. But after years of neglect, it was bought in 2006 and its restoration began. Behind the elegant Colonial styling there now sits a high-performance, state of the art home with all modern conveniences!

As with any historic restoration in Boston, the homeowners had to navigate the endless restrictions and guidelines of the Massachusetts Historical Society – which meant finding creative solutions to the problems of screening windows while preserving their architectural integrity.

Phantom window screens are perfect in this open, airy kitchen

Old windows meet new screens

Because this home is a heritage home, it had gorgeous windows that dated from 1912. Although a wonderful feature, it also meant that the owners weren’t allowed to add any fixed screens for shading or insect protection because they had to preserve the original windows. However, the solution to their dilemma came in the shape of Phantom’s Serene window screens. Not only did they fit seamlessly with their historic home’s design, they also stayed out of sight when not in use – meeting the requirements of the Historical Society. It’s what you’d call a win-win situation!

Let in fresh air with Phantom door screens

Banishing the bugs

The Serene window screens chosen that the homeowners specified, feature a silver-grey Phifer 18/14 fiberglass mesh with a 58% openness – which stops the bugs entering the house, but allows lots of fresh air in.

Open up your kitchen windows and let in fresh air with Phantom window screens

Architectural integrity

Our retractable window screens disappear into a discreet housing which means they don’t detract from the historic importance of the home or degrade the original architect’s vision. This architectural integrity enabled the homeowners to meet the stringent requirements of the Historical Society, preserve the gorgeous look of their home and still enjoy natural ventilation without being bothered by the bugs.

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